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Scenario: Alien Invasion

It is not known whether extra-terrestrial life exists in any form, let alone entities capable of travelling through space to visit our planet. However, given the unimagineably large number of galaxies and stars that have been observed by our telescopes, and the proportion of stars that have been observed to have planets orbiting them, it seems very likely that life will have evolved many times in the universe, and that Earth is probably not unique in hosting advanced beings. Whether extra-terrestrial beings would choose to visit us - or have the technology to do so - and whether their intentions would be peaceful or hostile, are unanswered questions. Some people argue that space-faring aliens must have long overcome any destructive warlike tendencies. Others would urge caution when considering contact with technologically advanced beings, drawing analogies with isolated human societies which have invariably suffered on being 'discovered' by more modern cultures.

Estimated time until Earth is taken over by creatures from another world:


Change the fate of the World!

Select any of the following which apply to you over the last 24 hours, and then click the 'Submit' button. See how others have responded by pressing the 'Statistics' button.
 Studied a foreign language
 Ran SETI@Home
 Beamed provocative signals into space
 Voted for a leader with good negotiating skills
 Voted for an aggressive intolerant leader
 Gazed at the night sky
 Telepathically summoned a UFO

Select an alternative scenario:

  • Climate Change  
  • Nuclear War  
  • Global Pandemic  
  • General Decay  
  • Robot Uprising  
  • Grey Goo  
    DISCLAIMER: These Dates of Impending Doom are intended as a general guideline only. We have had to estimate certain contributory factors to the EOTWAWKI events, and the timings may not be 100% accurate. We can not accept responsibility for any loss or inconvenience that may arise should the world end earlier than indicated, or if it should fail to end when anticipated.

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