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Scenario: Climate Change

Global climate change is the predicted and observed result of increased heat being trapped in the oceans and the lower levels of the atmosphere. Human activity has resulted in a rapid rise in the level of atmospheric carbon dioxide, which is a known 'greenhouse gas'. CO2 allows visible and near infra-red light to reach the surface of the earth, where it is re-radiated at longer wavelengths. However CO2 absorbs these longer wavelengths and so traps the energy low in the atmosphere, causing it to warm up. This warming, combined with complex feedback effects, results in changes to atmospheric circulation patterns, leading to altered climatic conditions.

Estimated time until irresponsible human activity causes a catastrophic change in global climate:


Change the fate of the World!

Select any of the following which apply to you over the last 24 hours, and then click the 'Submit' button. See how others have responded by pressing the 'Statistics' button.
 Switched off the lights when not in the room
 Walked/cycled instead of driving
 Planted a tree
 Used a tumble drier
 Left a PC switched on overnight
 Turned down the heating/air conditioning
 Drove a fuel-efficient car
 Drove a 4x4/SUV
 Ate large quantities of beef

Select an alternative scenario:

  • Nuclear War  
  • Alien Invasion  
  • Global Pandemic  
  • General Decay  
  • Robot Uprising  
  • Grey Goo  
    DISCLAIMER: These Dates of Impending Doom are intended as a general guideline only. We have had to estimate certain contributory factors to the EOTWAWKI events, and the timings may not be 100% accurate. We can not accept responsibility for any loss or inconvenience that may arise should the world end earlier than indicated, or if it should fail to end when anticipated.

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