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Scenario: General Decay

In the last 50 years, the world's human population has approximately doubled. This expansion was made possible by the so-called 'Green Revolution', including the practice of intensive farming, the development of high-yield crops and efficient pesticides, and the widespread use of chemical fertilizers. Maintaining this level of food production uses significant amounts of oil, water and other natural resources. At the same time, the increasing population itself consumes ever more energy for transportation and comfort, and creates more waste from discarded or outdated technology, unconsumed food, manufacturing by-products, etc. Natural habitats that should support a rich and varied eco-system are reduced to a mono-culture, which is sometimes only productive for a short time before being abandoned for new land. Waste products find their way into the environment where they can have unanticipated long-term effects on natural atmospheric and biological systems, disrupting the global food-chain, reducing diversity, and endangering life.

Estimated time until society breaks down due to pollution and wastage of natural resources:


Change the fate of the World!

Select any of the following which apply to you over the last 24 hours, and then click the 'Submit' button. See how others have responded by pressing the 'Statistics' button.
 Turned off the tap whilst brushing teeth
 Recycled household waste
 Used CFC-propelled aerosol spray
 Had a bath rather than shower
 Consumed locally-produced food
 Re-used a supermarket carrier bag
 Drank from a disposable plastic cup
 Used rechargeable batteries instead of disposables
 Drank bottled water

Select an alternative scenario:

  • Climate Change  
  • Nuclear War  
  • Alien Invasion  
  • Global Pandemic  
  • Robot Uprising  
  • Grey Goo  
    DISCLAIMER: These Dates of Impending Doom are intended as a general guideline only. We have had to estimate certain contributory factors to the EOTWAWKI events, and the timings may not be 100% accurate. We can not accept responsibility for any loss or inconvenience that may arise should the world end earlier than indicated, or if it should fail to end when anticipated.

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