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Scenario: Global Pandemic

Throughout history there have been a number of significant pandemics - outbreaks of disease which cross international boundaries and infect many people. For a disease-causing organism such as a virus to become pandemic, it typically passes through several stages of evolution. At first it mostly affects animals, spreading widely through that population. Then a few cases may occur of the disease being transfered from animals to humans. Finally, once the organism gains the ability to spread from human to human, a pandemic may result. Whether it does or not depends on the rate at which infection spreads, and the death rate amongst infected people. In the past, organisms could only become pandemic through random mutation or merging with other infectious agents. Nowadays the possibility of an organism being deliberately engineered to cause widespread infection and death must also be considered.

Estimated time until the human population is ravaged by a genetically modified or super-virulent disease:


Change the fate of the World!

Select any of the following which apply to you over the last 24 hours, and then click the 'Submit' button. See how others have responded by pressing the 'Statistics' button.
 Stayed at home when unwell
 Published the genetic code for a virulent organism
 Used unprescribed antibiotics
 Antagonised a terrorist organisation
 Made a long-distance journey
 Used antibacterial cleanser
 Experimented with dangerous pathogens

Select an alternative scenario:

  • Climate Change  
  • Nuclear War  
  • Alien Invasion  
  • General Decay  
  • Robot Uprising  
  • Grey Goo  
    DISCLAIMER: These Dates of Impending Doom are intended as a general guideline only. We have had to estimate certain contributory factors to the EOTWAWKI events, and the timings may not be 100% accurate. We can not accept responsibility for any loss or inconvenience that may arise should the world end earlier than indicated, or if it should fail to end when anticipated.

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